QAZQA X Zilverblauw

Big news!!

QAZQA found herself a new parter in crime. Not just any partner but one of the biggest Dutch interior bloggers on the block: Zilverblauw. 

Zilverblauw is a design agency which started publishing interior blogs about seven years ago. In those seven years much has changed. Founder Anki wrote a book about photography (Shoot!), they sell several Zilverblauw interior pieces via their own webshop and they build a huge community of interior lovers. Anki can not do all the work by herself. That's why her partner Casper is designing next to her for Zilverblauw. 

More than enough reasons for QAZQA to start a collaboration with these two social influencers! Sad enough we can't tell to much about our products but we promise the fixtures are totally fitting in now a days interiors! The samples are on its way to Holland and we can't wait for them to arrive! 

We really feel like it, do you too? 

 Zilverblauw's interior style

Zilverblauw's interior style