QAZQA x Zilverblauw LEDneon

Like we said in our earlier blog, we are currently working together with the very succesfull Dutch design agency Zilverblauw. Seven years ago owner Anki started photographing nice interiors (especially her own) and started writing nice short blogs to complement these pics. In no time the blog became famous for its content and it remained popular.

After several successful collaborations with talented Dutch designers, QAZQA wanted to try something new and different. After some searching around, we talked to Anki and her partner Casper. Very warm and enthusiastic people with big passion for their job. It didn't take too long before we had the big idea in our minds; a bright collection of LEDneon fixtures!

Neon fixtures don’t just come with the wind. A long process has gone by before we are where we are now. Line sketching the lamps, designing it, searching for suppliers, color decision making, ordering samples etc. But we are so happy we did it. Together with Anki and Casper we managed to design and manufacture five awesome fixtures: ‘Liefde’ (meaning Love in Dutch), Leaf, Moon, Lighting and Heart.

The nice thing about interior bloggers is that they have a nose for new interior trends. Even though you don’t come across very much neons now, we know it’s coming, ands it’s coming fast. So we are very happy and proud to say that QAZQA is now selling one of the first LEDneon fixtures of Europe. Not just neons, very cool neons. Aren’t we lucky?

Do you like to order one of the LEDneons? We now have a pre-order page set up where you can buy the fixtures. Be quick because they tend to be sold out quickly! Enjoy our QAZQA x Zilverblauw LEDneon fixtures!