QAZQA & Het Verlangen

Now playing in Dutch cinemas, Het Verlangen! Beside Chantal Janzen shines our table lamp Hexagon gold in the new Romcom from the creators of Alles is Liefde and Alles is Familie. 

The Hexagon is a beloved member of the QAZQA family and is an ingenious light fixture designed by Boxtel&Buijs. The design is named after the familiar shape and is a powerful light fixture that acts as a beacon, spreading light evenly across its surroundings. It gives an ambiance to any setting. So go see the movie and admire our star player on the big screen. Here's the trailer with our Hexagon!

Pre-sale QAZQA x Zilverblauw

Like we said in our earlier news item, we are currently working together with the very succesfull Dutch design agency Zilverblauw. Seven years ago owner Anki started photographing nice interiors (especially her own) and started writing nice short blogs to complement these pics. In no time the blog became famous for its content and it remained popular. After several successful collaborations with talented Dutch designers, QAZQA wanted to try something new and different. After some searching around, we talked to Anki and her partner Casper. Very warm and enthusiastic people with big passion for their job. It didn't took too long before we had the big idea in our minds; a bright collection of LED neon lamps!

Waltz. A new design by Ivana Blaskova


Special day today! Hereby we announce our newest collaboration with Ivana Blaskova. She designed the 'Waltz' in favor of the QAZQA Quest design challenge. We took this outstanding fixture in production and made it in five different colors: Gold, Rosé Gold, White, Black and Steel. For more information about the design process of the lamp and Ivana, please go to our website and click on the link: QAZQA Collaborations. 

Design fixtures Hexagon & Drip

In collaboration with designer duo Boxtel&Buijs, QAZQA created two brilliant design fixtures. The fixtures have a simplistic design and are available in different trend colours like gold and copper. The shape of the 'Hexagon' is based on the geometrical shape with likewise name.

The 'Drip' is a fixture inspired by the observation of a drop hitting the surface of water. It gently fades out in to the mass. At the moment QAZQA and Boxtel&Buijs are still working together. The latest design is currently on its way to Holland. The design is named 'Cube' and it is meant to hang on the wall to light it up. The fixture will be available next July.

 QAZQA Collaborations, Drip, 60cm diameter. Also available in 40cm

QAZQA Collaborations, Drip, 60cm diameter. Also available in 40cm

We're excited to hear what you think of these designs. Please leave a note!.

Cheers, Team QAZQA

Announcing the winner of the QAZQA Quest!

Michou van Gennip is the winner of the QAZQA Quest 2016! Out of 55 applications, the jury chose her design as the best one. they decided her design fits the current QAZQA Collaborations serie the best. 'Mandalight' is made out of stainless steel, combined with copper. There are many LED-lights attached to the steel and copper to let it shine in a efficient and environment-friendly way. The Mandalight is now in the pre-production fase. We can't wait to put this lovely lamp up on our webshop!  

“I got inspired by Asian wishing balloons. I combined this shape with shape with the shape of a Mandala, A Buddhistic symbol"

— Michou van Gennip.

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