LED Neon by Zilverblauw

Anki en Casper started their Dutch interior blog Zilverblauw in 2007. Since then, the blog and the brand grew out to be one of the leading interior blogs in Holland. They love to work with geometrical shapes, have a deep passion for photography and combine it all in their designs and stories they release on the blog.

Of course, these people know best what is hot and happening and what trends are about to pop in the landscape of interior design. That's why QAZQA wanted to collaborate with this lovely couple. They came up with the idea to make five wonderful LED neon fixtures. So after sketching the designs we produced them. You can find the the designs Heart, Lightning, Leaf, Liefde (Based on the Dutch word for Love) and Moon on our page. But they are also available in the Lamp and Light webshops all over Europe. We are very proud of the result and are very happy that we collaborated with such a great team!