Our top trends of Salon del Mobile 2017!

Every year we visit Salon del Mobile in Milan, the biggest design fair in Europe. The place to see, feel, hear and smell the newest trends in lighting and furniture design. The most beautiful colors, materials and shapes can be spotted here. So we came back with loads of new ideas for the upcoming seasons. And we want to share some of the trends with you!

Play with glass
One of the most beautiful things we’ve seen in Milan was playing with just glass and light. Everything is possible and allowed. For example, the ombre trend is also seen on glass now. It creates a playful feeling to your interior. Also by shaping the glass in a certain way you can get the most interesting lighting effects on the wall. It’s gorgeous!

Organic forms and curves
Nature remains to have a prominent place in your home. We already saw natural materials such as leather, marble, wood. We’ll be seeing a lot more of these materials this upcoming season. But also the shapes of nature will become more and more important. Undefined forms, round shapes and curves can be seen in lamps, but also in the rest of the interior, like chairs, side tables and accessories.

Fabulous 40’s and Swinging 60’s
The mid decades of the previous century have a huge comeback. Boy do we love this movement! Low couches, velvet materials, more (matt) brass, more marble and this in all shapes and colors. All of the lamps and furniture are rounded and have a certain ‘cuteness’. Also the soft colors play a big role in this trend. Soft toned pink, sand, yellow and blue. Think of the colors of spices at a Moroccan market. Beautiful!